VACCINE hits TOP 20 in the Australian AIR Charts – Collegians

VACCINE hits TOP 20 in the Australian AIR Charts – Collegians

Debuting at #20 in the Australian AIR charts with the release of their single VACCINE.   A great result for the boys so early on in Collegians Career as the track is the boys debut single independently released through independent label Cultivator Records.

They release the track on August 24th 2017 and have picked up a spate of accolades already placing #14 in the iTunes Rock charts, Top 10 in the AMRAPS and Semi Finalists in both the USA and International songwriting competitions.

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The third instalment in the Collegians’story comes in the form of an electronic-soaked sucker punch Killer.Don’t let the mood of the opening swathes of melodic charm fool you, your head and heart soon get a decent dose of gleaming indie swagger and art rock fervour.

Following on from the award-winning smashes Vaccine & Black Mass, this song edges towards the experimental but delivers a chorus whose resolve is as intense as it is effortlessly formularized, providing yet another opportunity for Glenn Patrick’s inexhaustible vocal to bring to the boil all the ingredients and elements of the band’s indefinable musical travelogue.

Track Credits:

Killer is a stylistic tilt away from Collegians’ usual focus but signals a side to them which promises all the hallmarks of a unified group of musicians scaling the crest of modernity in the music world.

Killer, was recorded at Refinery Recording with production duties once again handled in-house by James Leigh in collaboration with indie label CULTIVATOR RECORDS and mastering by Grammy Award Nominee Chris Gehringer (Twenty One Pilots, Linkin Park, FUN, Lady GaGa) at Sterling Sound in New York.


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VACCINE hits TOP 20 in the Australian AIR Charts – Collegians

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