Calamity Jane is an exciting new musical outfit led by violinist and singer-songwriter Lucy Cantley. Devil Went Down To Georgia is the debut track for this collaborative group project whose main focus is to bring various artists together to create and release music outside the usual confines, with an emphasis on the variation and diversity such a blending of artistic talent can produce. And this latest track is proof of that.

The classic country track from the 1970s gets a souped-up make-over that transports the hit song into the contemporary, utilising Camille Rae’s spirited vocal and driven by Lucy’s fiery virtuosity on the violin. It will no doubt become a hit all over again. The point of difference here, aside from the female lead, is its attention to detail and the modern touches, yet keeping it all within an organic, respectful framework. Beginning with a stripped back vocal and violin chorus, the familiarity of the song’s melody and signature style soon becomes apparent.

Despite the age of the track, originally released in 1979, it stands the test of time and Calamity Jane’s take on it only consolidates that characteristic of the song. The melodies, which are a mix of country and pop, are aided by a wonderfully whimsical lyric, a narrative that holds a listener’s interest almost as vehemently as the strong melodic parts and the rollicking rhythms. Having said, that the performances on this new version are outstanding, with Camille’s vocal prowess a beautiful match, not only for Lucy’s vocal faculties but her musical expertise also.

The allurement of Calamity Jane’s version of the Charlie Daniels Band track is that it preserves a lot of the energy and spontaneity of the original yet imbues it with new vigour, not only concerning the vocal performances but the band’s performance in general.

There’s no doubt that the Devil Went Down To Georgia will be getting another go around as a chart-topping hit track with this fresh and enticing new musical project Calamity Jane.



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