Bring Me Back That Feeling – New Music – AR Promotion

Bring Me Back That Feeling – New Music – AR Promotion

Austrian pop-rock sensation Shine has just released their new track Bring Me Back That Feeling. It follows the huge success of their last single We’ll Be Alright which attracted across the board radio play and landed on countless streaming playlists.

Fronted by renowned vocalist Gregor Glanz, Shine’s second single, written by Gregor Glanz, Manuel Stix and Raemie Brown is about yearning for the good old days, for the times before the crises when friends and loved ones gathered together without a worry in the world. A time when everyone felt free. A time, as Shine expresses in this authentically captivating song, we will get back again soon.

As the lyric suggests: It’s a new dawn / Let’s start a new, we’re moving on, we’re moving on. Bring Me Back That Feeling is another heartfelt pop-rock anthem, reflecting our times but looking beyond it. The new track reveals the band’s unique amalgamation of elements; a guitar-driven pop-rock foundation, soaring melodies, impressive musicianship, evocative sonic textures, and all crowned with Gregor’s ultra-powerful, broad vocal rangea voice as commanding as it is expressive. It’s a combination that works, taking the listener back to when the song was a crucial component of a record and exhilarating performances all round equally important. But that’s not to say there isn’t a contemporary edge to Bring Me Back That Feeling; the production is sleek, solid, and shimmering and bursts out of the speaker with clarity and punch.

Like We’ll Be Alright, Shine’s new release is galvanising, passionate, and inspiring with spirited performances and a universally poignant lyric. It explores freedom and love utilising a musical voice that looks forward with an undeniable, palpable sense of unity. As Gregor says, ‘It will be interesting to see where the journey of this new band Shine will leadbut one thing is certain, the six musicians have done everything right with this second single.

’ And just as We’ll Be Alright served to deliver an indispensable message during difficult days, Bring Me Back That Feeling will undoubtedly do the same.



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Bring Me Back That Feeling – New Music – AR Promotion

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