AS IT GOES – Phil Edwards Band

AS IT GOES – Phil Edwards Band

Late last year the Phil Edwards Band scored big with their breakthrough track Cabin In The Woods, the first release off their forthcoming album. They’ve now dropped their second single, As It Goes. As they continue to solidify their fan base with nationwide airplay and a hectic touring schedule, the band’s latest is sure to add to their growing list of achievements.

As It Goes maintains the adult indie style the band has been perfecting over the last few years as well as adding some subtle nuances of pop to their sound, which seems like a natural progression. The new track is a poignant, warm-hearted song, with a direct and reflective lyric and a sparkling organic sound.

An intro combining a mellow guitar and Phil’s intimate vocal leads us into a couple of wistful verses before the chorus comes in, with its gently hypnotic hook. The listener quickly understands the fundamental concept behind the words when Phil sings the line, ‘I’m living life as it goes’, in the first few bars.

It’s a meditation on taking each day as it comes, a relatable sentiment that is sure to touch a nerve with audiences. The song continues to build from the first chorus though it’s not about intense peaks and sonic surprises but subtlety and restraint; a measured approach which is brilliantly mirrored in the lyric.

Another element which helps create consistency and authenticity is Phil’s vocal delivery, the mellow modulations and cadences, replete with earnest sincerity and good-natured confidence, compatible with the instrumentation and the production.

Everything is laid bare here, with themes of living in the now and slowing down in order to appreciate the world. To sum up; it’s a comment about inner reflection with an emphasis on capturing what is at the core of one’s potential for happiness.

It’s an uplifting and optimistic song, which will no doubt attract yet more admirers and confirm for existing audiences the band’s impressive potential and increasing stature.



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AS IT GOES – Phil Edwards Band

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