ANI-K Added to In-Store Programming

ANI-K Added to In-Store Programming

ANI-K has released yet another amazing single ‘Not the One’ currently circulating through community, alternative and commercial stations nation wide.

Coming off the back end of her last release ‘Reckless’, which she spent a lot of time promoting the track all over Australia as well as heading into chat with the guys at KIIS FM back in April.

Recently picking up additions for to In-Store Programming including Maccas, RSL’s and various sporting stores.

For those who have not had the pleasure of listening to this young Aussie songstress, you can check out the latest track as well as the rest of her discography in the links below as well as her latest press release for the track.


About Ani-K:


ANI- K returns with her stylish follow up single ‘Not The One’ due to drop this month .

Following on from her February release ‘Reckless’ this Commercial POP gem is perfectly primed for radio and accentuates the amazing production value that this country has to offer.

Tied in with her flawless vocals and empowering songwriting ‘Not The One’Re-affirms her extremely strong presence in the Australian music industry.


ANI-K’s previous releases ‘Reckless’ & ‘The Truth’ won nationwide success on Commercial, Alt and Community radio as well as featured interviews on KIIS & MIX FM as well as Channel 9’s ‘KIDS WB’.

Ani has also recently collaborated with rapper “Fred Day”, veteran singer “Steve Clisby” and none other than the talented Chew Few (Lady Ga Ga, Timbaland, Mariah Carey, Far East Movement) for a string of remix’s.

Ani has written songs about bullying, self-image, self-esteem being a happy-go-lucky teenager, the importance of having good friends and many other relevant topics that are close to her heart.


A proud ambassador for ‘Bully Zero’, Ani is a young role model for youth. In 2014 Ani was offered a guest host position in Perth on Foxtel called ‘Kidzbiz with Ani-K’. She was given free reign over the selection of guests and topics by the producer of the show. Since then Ani has recorded approximately 8 shows with topics ranging from children in detention centres tointerviewing the producer of the documentary “I am Eleven” which aired in New York.

Listen to ‘Not The One’ by Ani-K here:


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ANI-K Added to In-Store Programming

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