ANDY MICHAELS added to KIX Country Radio

ANDY MICHAELS added to KIX Country Radio

Singer/Songwriter Andy Michaels featured over Australia’s hottest commercial country network Kix in anticipation for his second release Soldier.

Andy jumped on board with Australian Radio Promotion a few months back with the release of his cracking track ‘ANGEL’ and has been drip feeding us amazing music since. His release of his album as well as ANZAC day tribute track ‘Soldier’ can be found at all good participating online stores.

It is such a pleasure to be promoting such a fine artist and we thank the KIX Country radio network for adding Andy Michaels to their playlist.


‘Music is a universal language, it knows no boundaries, class or creed.’

Folk/Singer songwriter Andy Michaels pays tribute to the courage and lives of thousands of ANZACS with his new release ‘Solider‘.

An evocative ode to the many veterans who selflessly chose to put their country before themselves, allowing our generation to yield a pen instead of a bayonet. Holding the memory of a once gruelling and horrific time in celebration, commemorating their bravery and sacrifice through poetry.

‘Writing Soldier was my small tribute to the wonderful men and women who served our country. Not
only to the Diggers of World War One and World War Two but also the Vietnam Vets who were made
scapegoats by a ,(which was then) an unforgiving nation.
My father did National service and my grandfather served in World War 2 but was never posted
offshore. Performing at an ANZAC service made me feel proud of being Australian’.


Andy has played guitar since a car accident left him temporarily incapacitated before he was 20 years of age. His poems have been published by the International Library of Poetry, USA. His songs have received radio play in many countries including Australia, USA, England, Canada, South Africa, Switzerland and Netherlands, where his songs have been syndicated to multiple radio stations.

Check out Andy Michaels here:

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ANDY MICHAELS added to KIX Country Radio

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